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Nogales Ghost Hunters

by: Moni, Moony, Kupomo, Padfoot, and Pooch

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05/22/04: You have reached Nogales Ghost Hunters. Our mission is to serve Nogales, Az and the surrounding areas of Arizona (aka wherever we can get some ghostly action). If you live in Nogales or would like to join us on our weekly treks, then we welcome you to join. You can join by emailing us at and telling us that you want to get in. Sorry about not having updated that often.

Note: 1/26/04 - There is going to be a huge update on this site sometime in the near future as I'm taking Webpage Design and will be working on this for some homework assignments *hopefully*. So, I should have this all snazzy. I'd also like to expand this site to the New York area where I am currently. But the Nogales hunters is still in business. I will leave more info soon.

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